Why Change is SO Hard

I am moving again. I hate moving. All I want is a home that I stay in for a long time, so I can just work on myself without turning my world upside down. Every time I move, I must re-learn my habits and routines. I fall out of flow and it takes me a… Continue reading Why Change is SO Hard

Book Review: Do What You Love the Money Will Follow

I’ve had this book for years now and have read it many times. I just find it so inspirational! I’ve always believed that the work that you do should come from a place of passion and not one of desperate need or societies acceptance. I’m not going to lie, I have really struggled with finding… Continue reading Book Review: Do What You Love the Money Will Follow

My Skin Issues and the Miracle Product That Helped Me

I have this birthmark on my forehead right above my left eyebrow. It’s some type of skin tag and though it’s not that noticeable now, it used to look really big. It made me feel insecure and people would always point it out. They assumed it was a pimple or zit and wondered why I didn’t look after it. So, by the time that I actually started breaking out, I stopped caring.